About Sivan

About Sivan

Professional Photographer

Sivan was born in 1969, in Petah Tikva, a second generation to a family of photographers. At the age of 14 he began taking photographs for local newspapers.‎ ‎Upon being drafted to the IDF, he served as a military photographer in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit and was among those who established the unit's digital archive.‎ ‎After his discharge, he served as an editorial photographer for "HaOlam HaZeh" and was responsible for photography in the field of society and business.‎ ‎In the year 1992 he photographed during the Gulf War and created the "City at War" exhibition, which was presented in Israel and abroad.‎ ‎1993, he began to photograph for business companies, becoming a trailblazer in the field which he leads to this very day, in documenting the most important events in the country's business and the social world, and his photographs have been published in various media in Israel and worldwide.‎

‎In the year 1998, he participated in the "50th Anniversary of Israel" exhibition, presented in Israel and worldwide.‎
‎In the year 2000, he published a photo book about the Venice carnival, "Venetian Fantasy", following which he presented an exhibition on the subject.‎ ‎Sivan is a regular participant in the "Israeli Art" exhibition since the year 2007.‎ ‎Among the photoshoots he has conducted, he has accompanied presidents, kings and heads of states, such as President Clinton, in their visits in Israel as part of his work.‎ ‎He has photographed King Hussein in his palace.‎ ‎The Peres Center for Peace's president's conference.‎ ‎And additional significant and historical events in Israel.‎

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‎As a second generation to a family of photographers, Sivan sees a great deal of importance in bestowing the knowledge and history of photography to the new generation, combining the world of traditional analog photography through archive photographs of the State of Israel, with the digital, sharing-based world of the present day.‎