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Sivan Farag, a professional photographer who has been accompanying the country and its most significant, groundbreaking events for over 30 years, and the successor of his father, Sami Farag of blessed memory, the mythological photographer who has documented the country for over 50 years and has brought the color photo development and rapid photo development revolutions to Israel.‎ ‎As his successor, Sivan began taking photographs at the age of 14
and spent his military service as a military photographer in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.‎

After his discharge, Sivan Farag photographed the gulf war, and presented the "City at War" exhibition, presented in Israel and in the US, following which Sivan Farag accompanied the immigration from Eastern European countries to Israel and a variety of events that changed the country in the field of business and have been published in Israel and abroad.‎ ‎In the year 2000, Sivan Farag published a book and presented an exhibition about the Venice carnival, which has been presented in Israel and abroad.‎

‎Sivan Farag is a trailblazer and a founder of the business photography field, which he has been leading for over 30 years, and his photographs from the most significant events of the development of the business field in Israel - from the cellular revolution, through the entry of American chains, to Israel's becoming a "Start-up nation" - have been published in every possible form of media, in Israel and abroad.‎ ‎In recent years, simultaneous with his works, he has been guiding experiential photography workshops, combining the history of the country and of photography in Israel, for school students, using his father's archive photographs and the new technologies of the present day.‎

‎Sivan Farag is held in high regard by his business partners, newspaper editors and the highest echelons of business and politics in Israel. Sivan Farag has an up-to-date photography archive spanning over 30 years, in a wide variety of fields, and his archive complements his father's archive of 60 years of photography in Israel. His main purpose is to make the archive accessible to the younger generation, who could use it to learn about the country and the history of photography in Israel.

  • 1986-1991 - Photography for local newspapers
  • 1987-1990 - Military photographer in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit
  • 1991-1993 - Editorial photographer for "HaOlam HaZeh"
  • 1993 to present - Professional photographer and photography artisan
  • 2000 to present - Guides photography workshops for children and teenagers about the history of photography in Israel

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