Business Exhibition




‎Quality business photographs to present your business on various websites and social networks or for various brochures, press releases and publications, prospects and annual reports. ‎‎Our photography team, managed by Sivan Farag, will sit down with you and brainstorm various ideas for unique, professional business photography of your business.‎ Studio Farag's professional photography team has the experience to photograph you, your team and your business in the proper mood while keeping the little details in mind and emphasizing the strengths of your business over your competitors in a winning professional photograph.‎

‎The process of studio photography:‎

‎Studio Farag places our professional studio at your disposal to make the best possible photograph for you.‎ ‎You can bring along several changes of clothes, a suit, a tie, plain shirts that are not plaid/striped/dotted.‎ ‎You may consult our professional team in the studio.‎ ‎It is recommended to arrive made up, with your hair styled and with a shave.‎ ‎It is possible to attach the company/business logo to the photographs.‎

Questions and Answers:‎

Q What is the difference between a business photograph and a portrait photograph in a studio?‎

‎A The difference between a series of classical official profile photos/portrait photos in a studio and business photography is that the magnitude of a business photography series is greater.‎

‎Business photography includes photography in the work environment, photography of the business, machines, equipment, materials, and portrait/profile photos in your office, and the erection of a mobile studio in your workplace.‎ ‎Business photography grants additional, diverse angles of your business by outdoor and studio photography, as necessary.‎