‎Family moments are precious moments, and must be documented for posterity.‎ ‎We at Studio Farag will help you preserve your special moments, in family photos, together with the children - because you wouldn't believe how fast they grow.‎

‎We want to be there for you with your family photography - all generations in a unique, personal and unforgettable family photo for the next generations - or as a memento for the little children, who have already grown up.‎

‎We will be delighted to help you document each step along the way, and photograph your family "story" with your most exciting and unique moments as a family.‎ ‎Because being Israeli is being a family, and as an Israeli photography brand that has been photographing generations of Israeli families, we will be happy to photograph you.‎
The parents with the children - and of course, it is also possible to add the grandparents in for a touching photoshoot with the grandchildren - for a personal and touching experience of a family photograph that will remain with you forever.‎

‎Sivan Farag, the photography artist, will commemorate you in a personal, authentic family photograph in our studio - or if you prefer, even at your own home.‎

‎It is possible to consider and decide on a photography concept by early brainstorming with the Studio Farag team, to be coordinated prior to the photoshoot.‎ ‎The amazing photographs of your family will be presented to you, once photographs have been picked, in frames that have been especially manufactures for your photos and customized for you. It is also possible to arrange the photos in a touching family album that shall be designed for you.‎

‎A family photograph is a wonderful idea for a gift for the family/grandparents/parents for holidays or birthdays.‎
‎The studio at Hod Hasharon is a very spacious, accessible studio with parking spaces, which can hold several families in one photoshoot ‎

‎You can order a family photo voucher at Studio Farag and give it as a unique and original gift to your loved ones for an anniversary, birthday or a multi-generational photoshoot of the entire family together.