Sivan Farag – Event Photography PDF הדפסה דוא

סיוון פרג' As a photographic artist, I perceive a wedding overflowing with unforgettable, once in a lifetime moments, granting me the privilege as well as the obligation of capturing those moments in the most professional, sensitive and artistic way, for you to cherish over the years to come.

My guideline as a photographic artist at an affair, one of the most exciting in your lives, is my ability to capture a moment and have it last forever; accompanying families at times to be remembered, a keepsake of a lifelong memory, presenting finished products of the highest standards to the studio.

My photographic style is a combination of the skills I acquired as a press and fashion photographer for Photo Jerusalem and as a portrait photographer, together with my own unique style.

Sivan Farag is a second generation photographer specializing in family event photography, putting an emphasis on artistry, professionalism and quality.

Sivan Farag, photographic artist, having studied photography in Israel and abroad, is a certified professional photographer. Sivan Farag has been a leading photographer in Israel for over 20 years and is considered to be the leader in his field, being asked to photograph events in Israel and abroad. As a photographic artist, Sivan participates in international conventions and exhibitions in Israel and abroad, as well as having published an internationally acclaimed photographic album of the Carnival at Venice.

Sivan's photography studio is located in Moshav Neve Yarak, a pastoral location giving inspiration to one-of-a-kind photographs.

The albums we at Farag Studio present to our clients, are unique in Israel, and made in cooperation with the leading companies in Europe