‎How many times have you wanted to photograph your baby in the exciting moments of their development:‎ ‎crawling, first steps, jumping, sitting, the first tooth - this is the story of every child, and we at Studio Farag in Hod Hasharon are here for you, to capture these exciting moments and keep these memories for you, for posterity.‎

‎We at Studio Farag, under the management of photography artist Sivan Farag, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, will turn your children into stars for a little while, and make the photoshoot into an unforgettable experience for them - and for you.‎ ‎We have years of proven experience in child photography, with skills unique to Sivan Farag's method of work.‎ ‎We know how to bring out each child's unique personality in our photographs for the perfect picture.‎

‎The Farag Team, together with you, the parents, will decide what the concept of the photo will be - from a traditional photograph to the wildest idea you can think of.‎ ‎Before we begin your children's photography session, it is important that you dress them up in their favorite clothes, but it is preferable not to use clothes with large prints, to prevent distractions.‎ ‎If the photoshoot includes several children at the same time, our recommendation is that the clothes are all coordinated - of course, it is preferable that all preparations are already made at home.‎

‎For our part, we will make sure that the family dynamic and your family will be expressed in the photo when taking photographs of the children.‎

‎Studio Farag is a professional child photography studio, including illumination, various props and over 30 unique backgrounds.‎

‎To make the photograph of your children as personal and unique as possible, you are welcome to bring with you toys or anything else your children love or makes you unique as a family, to maintain a warm, fun and family atmosphere in your photography experience.‎ ‎You may also use the various props Studio Farag offers.‎

‎We will use our vast knowledge and experience to produce the most beautiful pictures out of them.‎

‎Sivan Farag, an experienced photography artist, knows how to reach any child and bring out the best in them, for a perfect child photograph.‎