‎‎From time to time it is necessary - and recommended - to update and change your profile photo/portrait, for various websites and social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin, for CVs or for any other purpose.‎

‎At Studio Farag, you have the opportunity to create a new, flattering representative photograph for a perfect profile photo/portrait.‎

‎Sivan Farag, a photography artist with a lot of experience in profile photos/portraits, will create the perfect photo for you, and for your needs.‎

‎Sivan Farag and his team will make sure to create a quality profile photo/portrait that radiates professionalism, seriousness and pleasantness - and together, we can convince your next client or your new employer that you are the right person for them.‎

‎Any profile photo/portrait can be taken according to any chosen concept that is suitable for the subject's profession and the spirit that they wish to transmit in the photo.‎

‎It is recommended to perform the profile photos/portraits at our studio, which holds a wide variety of backdrops to choose from, but it may also be performed in your office by erecting a mobile studio that we will bring with us, which includes your choice of backdrops and suitable lighting.‎

‎We recommend arriving at the photoshoot with at least two changes of clothes, flattering make-up (also recommended for men), styled hair, shave (for men) and even tidy nails.‎

‎It is possible to order the services of a professional make-up artist, who will help you look your best, for the profile photo/portrait photoshoot.‎

‎Following the photoshoot, the photos you have selected will undergo Photoshop editing as necessary, as per your request, while maintaining and paying special attention to the authenticity of your photograph.‎

‎Tips for profile photos/portrait photos:‎

  • ‎It is best to bring a number of articles of clothing to the photoshoot, and together we will pick the most suitable one or take photos with several of them to get a different look from one photograph to the other.‎
  • ‎Personal make up is flattering, for men as well. It is possible to bring in your own personal make-up artist, or order the services of our professional make-up artist.‎
  • ‎It is important to arrive at the photoshoot with your hair styled, and of course, a shave for men.‎
  • ‎Some photos are full body shots, and thus it is recommended to match your shoes to your outfit.‎
  • ‎You may bring in props related to your profession or your position, to create an authentic, unique photograph of you.‎