‎Expecting a new baby in the family is an exciting time that is never the same, whether this is the first pregnancy, second etc.‎

‎The pregnancy period is one of the most magical times of your life, which will change as soon as the new little treasure emerges into the world - which is why, like any other major event, it should be preserved and commemorated with special pregnancy photographs.‎

‎Pregnancy photography at Studio Farag can be performed as studio photography or outdoors photography, as you wish and feel, as a personal intimate photograph of you and your partner, with or without the children that are already at home.‎

‎Pregnancy photography in the studio, is naturally more comfortable, as the studio holds the optimal conditions - and the studio in Hod Hasharon has a quiet, intimate atmosphere, a personal dressing room and various props for you to use - and it is particularly suited for those of you who seek intimacy and privacy in pregnancy photoshoots.‎ ‎On the other hand, an outdoors pregnancy photoshoot has its own natural magic, with a varying landscape of our choosing (urban, park, forest or beach photography) and natural lighting that changes with the time of day.‎ ‎Pregnancy photography outside the studio is more natural and it is easier to ignore the presence of the camera and feel more free.‎

‎Our recommendation for your perfect pregnancy photoshoot is to perform it around the 30-35th week of pregnancy.‎

‎For pregnancy photographs, we recommend you bring undergarments that are suitable for photography and black or white bras or tops, as well as a white and/or black buttoned-up shirt, an interesting vest, a dress you love, or any other item that is valuable for you.‎

 ‎It is also possible to bring in the infant's ultrasound photos.‎